Cleaning Hardwood Floor – The Proper Way

Fixing and refinishing your hardwood floor can be a challenging task that you can take. However, if you want your hardwood floor to be as good after several years as new ones, then you, as your best option, have to do some maintenance techniques and one of these is through cleaning. We are not talking about just cleaning but cleaning hardwood floor in the proper way.

But how can do it? How to clean hardwood-floor in a proper way?

There are several hardwood flooring that stood for years, for decades, and even century. If you look some of hardwood floors in your neighborhoods nowadays, you can notice that these have stayed stable and intact against the test of years. The secret? Proper cleaning…and proper care.

In other words, we can only enjoy maximum hardwood floor benefits for years if we employ proper cleaning. We should learn how to clean hardwood properly so that they can not be easily worn as years pass.

There are strategies to properly clean your hardwood-floor. One of these, you must not damp rags on it, especially the wet one, because this can damage the hardwood floor. If you have waxed of coated the hardwood …

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Does Remodeling Qualify As Housework?

What do remodeling and marriage have in common? Compromise. Saying, “I do” was the beginning of saying “we” and saying we wanted to remodel our new house was the beginning of saying “why”.

The remodeling of the bathrooms was meant to start today, but it’s been postponed. The contractor’s contract couldn’t be “holier” if it had been carved on a stone tablet and brought down from a mountain.

Nevertheless, the hardwood floors are done, the electrical work and painting are done and the cabinets for my husband’s collection of not-likely-to-be-read-again books have been built. We also built cabinets in the two bedroom closets. We needed extra storage space for blankets, luggage and, of course, family skeletons.

When it came to window coverings, John wanted curtains that would minimally obstruct the view. I didn’t want anything to obstruct the view. The view is why we bought the house. Sand, ocean, horizon – don’t fool with Mother Nature. Eventually, we compromised on electric shades. When they’re up, they’re out of sight, out of mind – out of discussion.

Because John and I don’t always agree on decorating ideas, the decor of our new home is …

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