Guide on the Stud Finder and How to Choose a Perfect One For Yourself

What is a Stud Finder?

Before we get into what is a stud finder, let us first know what a stud is. A stud is a metal element that is generally pierced in the wall surface which is used for decorations. Now as we know what stud is, sometimes there are situations in which the studs are lost while you move some object in your house from here and there. Since the stud is a small piercing it is tough to find and for this purpose only there is a device known as stud finder which is used to find the hidden studs on the drywall. There are many types of stud finders or stud detectors, but they are mainly categorized into two types which are magnetic stud detectors and electric stud finders. Various stud finder reviews will help you to find a perfect stud detector or finder to find the hidden stud on your drywall. The use of stud finder is optimal for finding the studs as it doesn’t alter the walls and help you to find the studs easily. Whether you have painted over the studs or it has been hidden with some object, you can easily find it with the help of stud finders and detectors.

How the Stud Finder Works and What are Different Types of Stud Finders?

Stud finder or detector is actually a device with the help of which you can find a stud on your own. There are generally two types of stud detectors, electrical and magnetic. The usage of the finders depends upon what type of stud you are finding. If you are looking to find the nails or screws in the stud, then using of magnetic stud finder is good. There are two types of magnetic detectors, stationary magnetic detector and moving magnetic detector.

Magnetic detectors are an old way of detecting the stud on the wall. There is a new stud finder which is electrical in nature and relies on the sensors. It works on the density change in a wall. Like, when you are hovering the device over the wall and if there is any type of density change such as weak wall, cavity inside the wall, then the sensor in the electric detector will that density change. There are three types of electronic stud finders such as Edge finders, Center finders, Instant stud finders.

Make sure that you only use stud finder at a time as metal mesh have the capability to confuse the signal of an electric stud detector.

Features of Stud Finder

Always buy a stud finder which is suitable for you based on various features. Do notice that one stud finder may not be suitable for everyone. Here are the features that you should consider before buying a stud finder.

  • Based on your usage it should be Electronic/Digital or Magnetic
  • Choose a hands-free usage stud finder
  • Sound and LED light
  • Built-in level

A stud finder will let you find the stud on the wall where you can put nails or recover those for decoration and other stuff. Choose the stud finder according to your usage from various types and keeping the features in mind while selecting one.

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